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Xero payroll certification answers

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Xero payroll certification answers

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Match the permissions below to the correct Xero HQ user role. Question 3 A standard user has access to four main features in Xero HQ. Match the Xero HQ feature with the appropriate tasks. Third ;. Where can you do this? Get help and training Assessment Correctly answer the questions to complete the lesson. Question 1 There are a number of useful Xero resources available for you to learn more and get the help you need. Match the resource with the task you want to perform. Question 2 You learned about places you can go to find support for Xero.

Question 3 You learned about resources available in the Practice overview. Complete these statements with the correct place to find them. Manage activities Assessment Correctly answer the questions to complete the lesson. View and edit client details Assessment Question 1 A client has invited you into their Xeroorganisation as an advisor. To create a full client record for them in your Xero HQ practice, what do you need to do?

Identify where in the client record you can enter the different information. Which insights will show on your Advisor Directory listing? Question 2 Which user roles can view all Practice queries for all Practice clients? Use the dashboard Assessment Question 1 You want to watch spending in the staff entertainment expense account, to make sure the team stays within the monthly budget.

How do you add an existing account to the Account watchlist on the dashboard? Question 2 You started a new online store and are setting up features in the Xeroorganisation. Question 3 A while ago you switched off notifications. You want to turn them back on to get status updates for the organisation’s bank feeds.

How do you do this? Especially if you choose to show specific items publicly on online invoices. Question 2 Now you understand how to invite users and edit permissions, complete the following statements. Question 2 Your online store has customers and suppliers in several countries.

Your base currency is USD. What do you do next? Use files in Xero Assessment Question 1 You want to upload files to Xero and attach them to client invoices. There are a few ways to do this. Match each method to the correct description. Question 2 You can attach files in different areas within Xero, and show them beside transactions. Here are some statements for you to complete. Question 3 You uploaded a photo of a custom table you made for a customer, in to Xero. Now you want to create an invoice and attach the file to it.

How do you do this for each one? You want to approve the last- minute invoices. Question 3 Your organisation wants to add a custom tax rate as the default for certain accounts in the chart of accounts. Question 4 You want to see how different parts of the business are performing. You have five regions with three divisions in each.

Adjust the chart of accounts Assessment Question 1 You noticed that an expense account you added a while ago, now has a lock icon next to it. What’s the reason for this? Which account field must be unique? Can you identify some mandatory and non-mandatory fields? What account type should you use so Xero automatically creates a PayPal account and shows it on the Bank accounts screen? Question 2 You completed the import template with unpaid invoices and want to import it into Xero.

Which of the following is a conversion date we would recommend? Question 2 There are a number of unclearedcheques at the time of conversion, and you want to enter conversion balances for the accounts.

Question 3 You want to enter prior years closing balances without having to enter the full historical data, what feature could you use in Xero to achieve this? Can you complete the statements below about entering conversion balances in Xero? What could be the reason for this? What’s the best way to check that you successfully saved your conversion balances in Xero? Part 3. Contacts 1.

This way, you can make the most of your time when working with a customer or supplier. Match the key areas of the Contacts screen with their purpose. How would you run this report from within the contact record?

Complete these statements, highlighting different ways to keep contacts up to date. Which of these is a way that Smart Lists can be used for contacts? Part 4. Banking 1. Bank accounts and transactions Assessment Question 1 You clicked Get bank feeds for the business bank account, and were redirected to a Xero Central page explaining the setup process.

Which type of bank feed is this? Which file type needs the columns mapped to the fields in Xero, the first time you use it? How do you manage this? How would you enter the information in Xero to reconcile the transactions? Question 2 You paid money from a business bank account to a credit card and it’s time to reconcile the transfer.

You set the bank rule to match all of several conditions, but only one of these matches the information displayed on the statement line.

How can you resolve this? Question 1 You have many outstanding transactions to reconcile. A bank rule picked up 25 of them that are from the same payee. How do you fix the difference? Can you complete the statements below? Question 3 The best way to prevent bank statement import errors is to prepare the data the right way. Can you complete the statements below about the key points to remember when preparing your data?

How can you fix this? Part 5. Inventory 1. Get started with inventory in Xero Assessment Question 1 Your business offers services that you want to add as inventory items. You decided that you don’t want Xero to calculate the quantity or the value for the items. What’s the best approach to take? Here are some statements that highlight how Xero deals with transactions associated with inventory items. How can you resolve this issue? Import inventory Assessment Question 1 You want to import a combination of tracked and untracked inventory items using the items template.

How can you do this in Xero? Question 2 You previously recorded the purchase of stock to a current asset type account. You want to start using tracked inventory from today. What adjustment account should you use while preparing the opening balances template? Here are three incomplete sentences about troubleshooting tips. Question 3 Xero gives you an error message when you try to delete an untracked inventory item.

Question 1 Inventory adjustments can be required to keep inventory numbers accurate. Choose the right kind of adjustment to use for the situations listed below. Can you complete the statements below about scenarios that end with an error message? When you re-import your opening balances, Xero warns you that the quantity for one of your items will fall below zero. Can you complete the statements below that highlight what causes these error messages?

Part 6. To help save time manually entering information in the future, what should you include in the email template? Here are some statements highlighting key considerations to remember. The statements below highlight key things to remember.


Xero payroll certification answers

This document is intended to be a supplemental document to a webinar, it is not a self paced certification. We recommend that you complete a Xero Essentials. 2. Get help and trainingAssessmentCorrectly answer the questions to complete the lesson. Question 1There are a number of useful Xero resources available for. Correctly answer the questions to complete the lesson. Question 1. There are a number of useful Xero resources available for you to learn more and get.


Xero payroll certification answers


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Ask our community of customers, accountants and bookkeepers. Skip to main content Search icon Search Xero Central. Giving people access to Xero Discussions Payroll Certification. Xiaoyin LIU. Topic Giving people access to Xero. Payroll Certification Hi there, the website mentioned that” You need to be a Xero partner member to register for this class. I am wondering that if I have access to the payroll certification as a non-Xero partner.

Thank you so much. Log in to answer. Write an answer Add attachement Upload Files Or drop files. Cancel Done. All answers 3 MW. Muhammad Waqar. Thank you for share. Quinie Mendoza. Graeme Towers. Navigate around in the learning area.. Still have questions? Start a discussion Ask our community of customers, accountants and bookkeepers. Contact Xero support Raise a case with our support team.


Xero payroll certification answers

All answers (3)​​ Thank you for share. And click on the highlighted “Xero Payroll Certification” and then choose your region. 2. Get help and trainingAssessmentCorrectly answer the questions to complete the lesson. Question 1There are a number of useful Xero resources available for. Xero Fast Track Certification – Xero Knowledge Base Please do refer to the questions and answers below to further supplement your attempt at the fast.

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