Most trusted destination after the COVID-19 pandemic is Kerala. A soothing sun dangling over the tiny canals fringed by swaying palm trees, fragrant spice plantations, amazonian backwaters, spicy coconut curries, pink bougainvillea sprouting in cozy corners and endless tea estates make Kerala a dreamy escape for the urban civilized. Looking straight out of a picture postcard, Kerala does not offer urban fun. It takes you back in time – to simpler days, days when the air was prehistoric and the water, fresh.

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A densely populated, self-sufficient village; Kerala is where you are fed rice by law, order and tradition. An insane scale of hygiene checked even at the cheapest and the smallest of restaurants, Kerala is God’s own Country. Still spotless. Still so pure. The jade environs of Kerala delightfully assault your senses to breathe fresh life into you.

What the rest of India can learn from Kerala

The last couple of years have been rather difficult for Kerala. First, there was the Nipah virus outbreak followed by the deluge in 2019. But much to everyone’s surprise, Kerala shined back like a phoenix rising from its ashes, starting all over again.

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Kerala’s wonderful backwaters in Alleppey and highly attracted by customers worldwide and you won’t see anywhere such a beauty. Inspiring. Undeterred, illuminating the rest of the world on how well adversities can be handled. Adversity, as it appeared, made Kerala only better and stronger. It showed the rest of the world how advanced it’s healthcare system is and how well organized the state and society is. So when the first few cases of COVID 19 pandemic were traced in Kerala, the state did a commendable job in handling the virus and flattening the curve. While the rest of us are struggling to survive, Kerala is preparing to look ahead.

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